About Us

LeTip of Fremont was established in 2007 when several local business owners formed an alliance where collectively they would become part of each others sales force directing friends, family and clients to each other when there was a need.  
The process of educating each other on how they run their business and the way their prospective industries are run, members become more knowledgable and by listening to the needs of others referrals are then made. 
Members have shown shown positive growth over the years not just by an increase of these referrals but by becoming a hub of influence knowing the right people in their business community.  In this way, the business owner is thought of by their clients not just for the business they represent but because of their hub of influence. 
The sheer design of the program has been developed from LeTip International, Inc and has been around since 1978. Chapters around the country are seeing equal success and this proven structure has made LeTip of Fremont the Best Networking Group in Fremont for the past 6 years in a row as voted by the community.  
LeTip of Fremont welcomes business owners to come by and visit if they are looking for a way to successfully market their business, have an interest in networking with like professionals and open to share ideas and help out the local community.
LeTip of Fremont has members that not only need your business services, but also know others in need of your services. Each LeTip member acts as an extension to your sales and marketing team.
As a member of LeTip of Fremont you will receive qualified tips (business leads/referrals) from your fellow LeTip Members. The definition of a qualified tip is someone who is expecting a call from a LeTip Member. These are NOT cold leads! If you would like to start receiving qualified tips, please contact us for additional information.